Wallach history has been documented and studied in various capacities for many years.

Here is a compilation of public resources and collections for you to continue your discovery.

We are grateful for the help of museums, authors, collectors, and scholars who have made this possible.

This list is always evolving, if you know of anything that’s missing let us know.

Wallach History

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Munich City Museum, Munich DE https://www.muenchner-stadtmuseum.de/

Jewish Museum Munich, Munich DE https://www.juedisches-museum-muenchen.de/en/

Dachau City Museum, Dachau DE https://dachauer-galerien-museen.de/

Spurlock Museum, Illinois USA https://www.spurlock.illinois.edu/blog/p/featured-object-the/94

Vancouver Holocaust Education Centrehttps://collections.vhec.org/Detail/collections/1041


Leo Baeck, New York NY

Moritz Wallach, Archive

Moritz Wallach, Das Volkskunst Wallach

Julius Wallach, Chronik (German)Translation by Gilbert Short (English)


Josef Fromholzer, Ruhmannsfelden DE

Fromholzer Textile Collection

Fromholzer Textildruck


The Camera of My Family, Catherine Hanf Noren – Video, Book

Dirndl, Truhen, Edelweiss : die Volkskunst der Brüder Wallach (Dirndls, trunks, and edelweiss : the folk art of the Wallach brothers), Monika Ständecke, Catalogue

Newspaper articles

Sueddeutsche – The Wallach Project


Dirndl Dialogues


Max and Melitta Wallach Stolpersteine, Dachau, DE Stumbling Stone Guide

Wallach Volkskunsthaus Auction, 1926 Auction Catalogue